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updated 7-10-18
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 Angora and part angora kits are now available. Many are ready for homes now, and others will be ready in July and August.  


Angora female, choice of available colors, delivery at 6-8 weeks of age in June or July, $400

Angora male, choice of available colors, delivered at 6-8 weeks of age in June or July, $500 

Short Coat and Part Angora ferrets, spayed and neutered,  $250 male, $225 female

Also, if you live between NC and North Dakota, delivery is available if I know where I am dropping off after the spay and neuter and descenting, which is done at a specialty veterinary clinic near Grand Forks. 

Shipping is available on Delta only, at present.  The temperature must be below 80 degrees, so you must be flexible in days and times to go to the airport to pick up. 

Because there are ferrets available now, I am not accepting deposits. Payment must be in full.

​You can request a link to pay by paypal or pay cash when you pick up.  Please request a link and list of what is available by emailing to or text to 336-300-4000. 

I anticipate having 30 angora kits available in July, various colors. The part angora kits are very beautiful, and many colors and patterns. 

​Please go to my facebook page for more frequent updates:

                          Please inquire about any 
                          you are interested in:   336-608-5636 for faster service. 


                        Shipping is available on Delta, or pickup in Winston Salem, NCis available
          on weekends.
Colors:  Sable, Chocolate, Silver, Red or Champagne, Albino, Silver Mitt  

I do not raise DEW, but sometimes I do have very dilute silver. I do not raise pandas. This is due to the deafness gene.