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Short and Medium Coat Ferrets for Sale
All ferrets shown are spayed or neutered and descented on July 18, 2020 by a licensed veterinarian, included in the price of $250.  The spay area still shows were the females were shaved, but all ferrets are well healed and ready for new homes. They are all good natured ferrets and on a soft diet. More kits will be available the end of August.  These ferrets are appropriate for beginners, families,  or experienced owners. The paypal link will say "sold out" if the ferrets is previously sold.  We will update as soon as possible for any sold but not sold using this link. We will refund the payment is a suitable alternative ferret is not available. 

Dark nose sable male #1
Sable Female #1
Sable Male #2
Female Sable #2
Sable Male #3
Female white toes, cream and chocolate #3
short/medium coats
Road trip to deliver ferrets on Sunday, Aug 2. Going I-81 NC to Harrisburg, PA.  If you would like to meet the driver to pick up, please contact us.