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About Carolina Ferrets
Carolina Ferrets sells directly  to the public in the USA, not to pet stores or laboratories.  In order to purchase a Carolina Ferret, you will need to contact us directly.   

Carolina Ferrets is not affiliated with any organization that promotes the ownership of ferrets through pet shows, ferret shows, or any other similar interest. Each Carolina Ferret is unique and each ferret owner is special.  Our mission at Carolina Ferrets is to promote the ownership of pet ferrets, not the ownership of ferret bred to a "standard" for the purpose of "winning" at ferret shows.   We feel that it is better to own a trophy ferret than a ferret trophy, but inclusion into a family as a pet ferret is what every ferret really wants for itself--to be loved and valued for him/herself and not a value placed on it by what level of championship it has won.  We feel that our ferrets go to good homes, and that gives us a great satisfaction.