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The kits go to the vet for the spay and neuter and descent on June 12. They have to be picked up on the 15th or 16th, or after the 20th.  Another group of 50 kits go to the vet in Williamston, MI on June 28. They can be picked up the week of July 4.  

These kits are available to purchase online. Photos taken June 9.   I have a lot of sable kits, but they look so similar that they are not shown. When choosing in person, you will have a good selection. I have been conservative in accepting preorders, because the kits were not showing their coat colors at a younger age.  I  want the customer to be more sure of what color they are getting, as well as the body shape and any markings.  So, with the common question do you have any left, the short answer is I have plenty of kits from now until fall.  I just cannot photograph them all and post them online.  I can best post any with distinctive markings or colors, as below.

I have plenty of kits left to choose from. I really prefer that you choose in person, and not online.  I realize that if you are needing to schedule with a pet courier, that you have to choose which kit is to be delivered.  

Pick up dates are June 15, 16 and after June 20.  Pick up is in Winston Salem at 2 pm on June 15. Pickup in Statesville at 6 pm on June 15. Pickup in Concord, NC on the 16th.  Other times by appointment.  Ferret kits can be picked up in East Lansing or Williamston, MI on the 13th,   Findlay or Columbus Ohio on the 14th,  Charleston, WV on the 14th.   

​Shipping is not possible at this time. However, there are pet courier services that may can help.  You schedule this yourself but we can provide names.
Angora female kit, $500 spay and descent June 12. She has the extra nose folds.
Chocolate Part Angora Female $300, crown
mask. To be spayed/descented June 12
Angora Male $500  He has extra nose folds, white 
Male part angora #1 with patterns shown on left
Male patterned part angora #2  $300 shown on right
Female patterned part angora. To be spayed and descented on June 12