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Use the paypal link to order.  Delivery (extra fee) is only through Ralph Miller at  Or you can pick up in person. If we happen to be traveling to near you, we can meet with you to save transportation costs. Please have a plan in place as to how/when you will get your kit before ordering. Once you order, we ask that you pick up within one week.  These are full angoras, and they have been spayed or neutered and descented. The cost is $500 each.  The surgery date was Sept 12.   Angoras are $500 each, which includes the cost of the spay or neuter and descent. 

Female Cream Angora
Male Angora 
Available   Two brothers that look alike
Sable Male Angora Neutered and 
Descented $500
No extra nose folds except slight on 
one side   $500 each, neutered and descented. 
Chocolate female angora spayed and descented  Aug 29