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These angora kits are available now. They were spayed or neutered and descented by Dr Anderson in Michigan on July 18, 2020. They are $500 each.  Please use the paypal link to order.  Delivery is only through Ralph Miller at  We can meet you within 1.5 hours distance, or you can pick up in person. Please have a plan in place as to how/when you will get your kit before ordering.  We reserve the right to refund payment if necessary.  
Female angora #1
Dark Sable Angora #2
Sable/cream angora female #3
Angora Selection
Chocolate Male Angora #2
No worries. The paypal link will say "sold out" if the ferret is already sold. 
Angora Male #1
Photos of new litters for sale will be posted on Aug 15.